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My work

ACMI: Improving the Education visit booking experience

The brief

Discover how we can improve the booking software and experience for both ACMI staff and Education visitors to help educators book an 'on demand' film / program.

The solution

Updated booking feature improving the booking experience for educators when visiting ACMI.

Recommended approach to enhance the entire booking experience for ACMI staff and Education visitors

UX methods

User research, journey mapping, low-fi wireframing, Service blueprint


End-to-end user journey of the teacher's school excursion experience, Service Blueprint of our internal booking process and systems, recommendations for comms for teachers, low-fi wireframes for Education visitor bookings



There were two ways this project came about:

1 — ACMI had to upgrade their booking software (Tessitura) from a much older version to its newest.

While looking at the booking process, it was becoming clear how underwhelming and inefficient the booking experience was for educators and for the Education booking staff at ACMI. 

2 — The Experience, Product and Digital team were in discussions with the Education team about how to make a more meaningful school excursion experience whereby teachers and students can extend on and explore their interactions at ACMI after they’ve left the building. 

We had questions like:

  • What type of experience will educators be getting when they’re at (the new) ACMI?

  • How will this affect the booking process?

  • What resources do they want to receive before/after?

We wanted some research to better inform the:

  • Booking process

  • At museum’ experience

  • Pre/post content content

  • Post ACMI experience

So I undertook a user research phase where I learnt about the school excursion experience for teachers. Later, I took these findings to design a solution around an improved online bookings pathway.

Project objectives

1— How might we improve the school excursion experience for educators?

2— Can we improve our booking pathway for educators and discover how ACMI might optimise our processes and systems to support a better user experience internally and externally?

The process

User Research

I conducted user interviews with teachers of varying experience and schools in Melbourne (Catholic, independent Catholic, independent and government) who I recruited internally for.

I created a one-page discussion guide with a set of ‘required’ and ‘nice to have’ questions. Interviews lasted in between 30 min-75mins (availability depending).

I mapped out the end-to-end map of the school excursion process based on what I heard from educators and from the Education team at ACMI.

Education journey + research - Frame 1.jpg

Redesigning the education booking pathway

I was able to wireframe a booking pathway which would implement solutions from my findings to create a better user experience for teachers.

Understanding our booking system, Tessitura

We customised Tessitura to do a lot of things, and selling our education is not an 'out-of-the-box' offering, so there were quite a few work arounds to have it work the way we need.

So I had to investigate if there was a better way without it costing too much.

Moving the booking pathway out of the current software Tessitura

The idea was to take the education booking pathway out of Tessitura to create a simple web form, with API calls to Tessitura's database so we could automate certain steps in the process.

I created a user flow of how a booking process could be taken out of Tessitura and started creating low-fi wireframes as a visual representation.

I looked at what competitors were doing online to identify what was an expected online booking process and what looked outstanding.


Wrapping my head around Tessitura and the education booking path for educators.


This is the 'on demand' (when teachers can request their own programs) booking form.

These low-fi wires were to spark conversations on how we might utilise Tessitura's functionality without having to have a booking process go through that software.

Step 1

Select 'Request another date'

Edu on demand request (1).png

Step 2

Select preferred film / event / program and date & time

On demand TBC (1).png

Step 3

Add excursion details

Scheduled session 4 (1).png

Step 4

Booking request confirmation page

Confirmation page (2).jpg
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