My work

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The challenge

How do we optimise the uptake, onboarding and engagement of the Lens with existing constraints?

UX activities

Observational research and contextual enquiries, research synthesis, mid-fi prototyping and usability testing.


  • Updated instructions at onboarding station 

  • Updated messaging for the Lens device

  • Colour blind accessible light feedback

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The challenge

How do we best present the multitude of objects in a case in the exhibition on interactive screen?

UX activities

Observational research, competitor research, wirefaming, mid-fi prototyping, usability testing


Mid-fi wireframes and prototypes


The challenge

1— How might we improve the school excursion experience for educators? 

2— Can we improve our booking pathway for educators and discover how ACMI might optimise our processes and systems to support a better user experience internally and externally?

UX activities involved

User research (Creating discussion guides and conducting user interviews), research synthesis, journey mapping, low-fi wireframing.


  • Mapping the end-to-end user journey of the teacher's school excursion experience

  • Service blueprint of our internal booking process and systems

  • Recommendations for comms for teachers

  • Low-fi wireframes of a booking web form