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My work

R/GA X Toyota Australia

Owner's hub uplift

UX Research and Design

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UX activities

  • User interviews

  • Card sorting

  • Usability testing

  • Wireframes

  • Discovery & Define presentation


I was tasked to uplift the existing 'Owners' page for Toyota's dotcom experience.

The Owners page went through 'Discovery' and 'Define & Design' phases with Experience Design, SEO, Marketing Science, Visual Design and Copywriting teams. 



The current Toyota new owner's page was outdated, difficult to find, and lacking key information, leading to poor perception and engagement of owner benefits, inclusions and options.

User research

To understand the needs and pain points of new Toyota owners, I and another Experience Designer conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse group of individuals who had recently purchased a Toyota vehicle. We also analysed usage data and customer support requests related to the current new owner's page. We also conducted competitor analysis and synthesised findings from data teams.


Based on our research findings, I created wireframes that incorporated the desired features and addressed the pain points identified in the research. The new Owner's page was designed with a focus on easy navigation and intuitive information architecture. We also incorporated videos to enhance content digestion and accessibility.

Key feature

We featured and promoted Toyota's apps to steer guests to a more personalised ownership experience

Comparison Tab Module (2).png
Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 4.44.48 pm.png

Round 1 wireframe

Live page

Key feature

'Use case' Anchor Links were implemented to direct and provide more context for the page.

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 5.20.38 pm.png

Round 1 wireframe

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 4.45.29 pm.png

Live page


A dedicated Owners hub to help current owners learn about Toyota's value chain products, and access information and valuable tools to help them manage their vehicle.

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